The service levels in the parks vary. Fixed service levels are marked with plus (+) signs. The highest fixed service level is ++++. On our website, you can find the + level for each park along with a detailed description of the services. There are also Easy-level parks with non-fixed services that may vary between different parks. Please check the current services on the presentation page of each park.

You can book a 60-minute service break from 7 am to 10 pm at any BestPark location through the park’s presentation page. The price for a service break is €8.90. Upon reservation, you will receive a text message with a gate code, which is valid for one hour from the time of activation at the gate. The same code also grants access to the maintenance buildings.

A service break includes emptying the chemical toilet, refilling fresh water, and grey water disposal, which are available at all parks. The availability of additional services such as showers, toilets, saunas, and waste disposal is included in the maintenance visit price for those parks where these services are available. Park-specific services are listed on our website in the details for each park.

A new overnight stay period begins at 1:00 PM and ends the following day at 12:00 PM. You can freely arrive and depart from the travel park during the overnight stay period. You can leave the travel park and return at any time during the entire reservation period.

Make a reservation on our website or through our customer service by phone. You will receive the code along with the reservation confirmation. The confirmation is sent via email and text message. It includes both the gate code and the parking space number for the reserved park. The code is a five-digit number with a “#” at the end (e.g., 12345#). This code grants access to all common areas within the park.

Please check the reservation confirmation message you received (email/text message) to ensure that you’ve entered the 5-digit code correctly, making sure to include the “#” at the end.

Verify that your reservation’s time frame (date and time) is still valid and matches the park in question.

If the code still doesn’t work, please call our customer service number. Our customer service team will contact access control or the gate provider if necessary. The gate will be opened within a maximum of 60 minutes.

Back into the parking space and park on the left side of the space. This leaves room on the right for potential awnings and also maintains a 4-meter safety distance to the adjacent vehicle.

You can make a reservation for the current night until 3:00 AM. Remember to make a reservation for the previous day, as when booking for the current day, check-in doesn’t begin until 1:00 PM.

You can make a reservation up to one year in advance.

You can cancel your reservation free of charge up to 2 days before the start of the overnight stay period. If the reservation is canceled on the day of arrival before the start of the overnight stay period, 50% of the total reservation price will be refunded. If the reservation is canceled later or if the customer does not arrive, there will be no refund.

You can cancel your reservation by calling BestPark’s customer service or by contacting us via email at

Check your email’s spam folder. If you can’t find the confirmation there, please contact customer service.

You can also view your reservation details by logging into your account at if the reservation was successful.

Note: When making the payment, it’s important to wait for the automatic transfer from the payment service provider’s website back to BestPark’s website. Otherwise, the reservation may not go through, and you won’t receive a confirmation. This transfer may take several seconds due to payment processing.

You can change your parking space within the same price category during your stay, depending on availability, by calling customer service at 0300-472299. (Or if its not urgent, by email at



You can extend your reservation on your own on the website. When you extend your reservation, you’ll receive a new access code. Your parking space remains available for you even during the period from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM when the overnight stay period changes, and both the old and new codes will work during that time.

The starting prices for each park can be found on each park’s presentation page. Specific prices for individual parking spaces can be viewed in the reservation calendar.

When making a phone reservation, our customer service representative will inform you of the price and obtain your approval before finalizing the reservation. There is a billing fee of 5 euros for phone reservations in addition to the parking space price.

BestPark does not charge separate fees for individuals or reservations. Prices are subject to change.

Yes, pets are allowed. Please keep your pet on a leash in common areas.

Calling the customer service number costs the same as a local call. Customer service can be reached 24/7 at the number 0300-472299 and it serves in both Finnish and English.

You will need a Schuko adapter for the electrical posts and preferably a 25-meter long cable. Different parks may have different fuse sizes, so please check the park’s presentation page to see which fuse size is in use. The amperage typically ranges from 6A to 16A (6A cannot be used for heating). The residual current device on the electrical post will trip if the load exceeds the limit. You can restore power by raising the residual current device back up.

The sauna session lasts for 30 minutes per reserved spot within the time frame of 5:00 AM to 12:30 AM. In some parks, sauna sessions can be booked on-site.

Sauna usage instructions:

  1. Open the sauna stove’s lid.
  2. Press the boost button on the control panel and wait for approximately 5 minutes.
  3. Throw water onto the sauna stove.
  4. Close the sauna stove’s lid when leaving the sauna.

NOTE: Do not turn off the sauna stove.

Our parking spaces are designed to be 10×5 meters in size, but they can accommodate larger vehicles as well. Vehicles can extend a meter or so beyond the parking space to ensure that emergency measures are not compromised. However, please always check on-site to ensure that access, such as gates, is not obstructed.

If the space you selected in advance would obstruct any function in the park, you can easily change your parking spot through our customer service.

Please note that in some Easy-level parks, parking space sizes may vary.