BestPoint -service point

BestPoint -service point for caravanners

BestPoint is a compact service point for caravanners. At the service point you can easily take care of all caravan maintenance in one stop.

Emptying the chemical toilet

Grey water drainage

Fill up fresh water

Easy service visits

The easy-to-use electronic booking system allows you to easily book a service visit at any time. You can make a maintenance visit between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. You can book a maintenance visit at any BestPark travel park. BestPoint can be found in selected travel parks, but you can also book a maintenance visit to any parks that have the same services.

  • Booking and online payment
  • The doors open with a code

How does the BestPoint work?

The BestPoint service point is a module that contains three separate sections for fresh water and gray water and for toilet emptying. A BestPoint service visit is booked and paid for via BestPark’s booking system online or on mobile. The doors open with a code that you receive by text message and email after paying for the visit.

  1. Book a service visit online
  2. Arrive at the location and open the doors with the code
  3. Take care of the maintenance
  4. Close the doors
  5. Continue your travels