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Näätämö introduction

Located at the northern tip of Finland, just one kilometre from the Finnish–Norwegian border, BestPark Näätämö ensures its guests an exceptionally wonderful experience in the heart of pure nature. Here you can relax and enjoy scenery usually only found in picture books. The best way to get to Näätämö with a population of about 40 is by car or bus from Inari.

Despite its small size, Näätämö is full of life. The best holiday is ensured by excellent services provided in the village right next to the caravan park. People come to shop from the Norwegian side of the border, and passers-by often stop to visit. From the village you can find two well-stocked supermarkets that are also popular among Norwegians. Kaldoaivi, Finland’s largest wilderness area, attracts hikers and campers.

In its peaceful wilderness, the riches of Mother Nature are abundant. Stunning northern lights can be seen almost every night from autumn well into late winter. Guided tours are organised to Joulutunturi fell near Näätämö, rising more than 200 metres above sea level. In Näätämö, it is worth enjoying the soothing effect of clear waters and beautiful surroundings – and just allow yourself to wind down.

The northernmost caravan park of BestPark is a fisherman’s paradise, providing plenty of opportunities to outwit some fish. In summer, you can take part in guided fishing trips to the Näätämöjoki river on the Norwegian side, easily accessible by car. Näätämöjoki river is one of the few wild salmon rivers in Finland. There are also plenty of good grayling, perch, and trout waters near Näätämö. Your guide will instantly conjure up a tasty meal of the fresh catch on an open fire.

In winter, you can reach the fishing waters by snowmobile. Snowmobile routes run from Näätämö via Lake Sevettijärvi to Ivalo and via Opukasjärvi to Nuorgam, as well as to the Norwegian side to Finnmarken. The activities offered in the vicinity of the three-star caravan park include reindeer safaris, introduction to reindeer husbandry, wilderness survival training, hiking and canoeing trips. Red king crab safaris are also organised on the Norwegian side.

More services can be found from Inari (130 km) and Kirkenes (50 km). And if you want to see a bigger city, Russia’s Murmansk is 270 kilometres away.